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Message from Chairman

We have all tried since the foundation of National Navigation Company to create a leading name in the field of maritime transport in the Arab Republic of Egypt by emphasizing the quality and credibility in providing our service. We all took that approach and it was a key factor in developing continuous and strong relationships with our partners based on mutual trust.


After several decades of founding NNC, the company has become one of the major shipping companies not only in Egypt, but in the Middle East. NNC owns and operates one of the largest fleets among the top 50 fleets of bulk vessels in the world with which it promotes the capacity of the Egyptian national fleet and secures strategic goods transport to Egypt.


The name and reputation of NNC, in addition to its outstanding cadres of workers all contributed to place the company in a better rank than ever in its history. Our goal is to continue to expand our share in the global maritime market, achieve more profits for our shareholders and consolidate the quality and credibility in service delivery, while continuously preserving the maritime environment from pollution.

And we will strive to exploit the potentials and opportunities to enhance our place and maintain our leadership.


Chairman & Managing Director

Vice Admiral / Tamer Abd El-Alim





Vice Admiral / Tamer Abdel Alim

Chairman and Managing Director


Rear Admiral / Mohamed Ahmad Ibrahim Youssef

Chairman of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport


Dr. Eng. Saeed Abd El Ghany Gharraf

Executive board member for maritime affairs -

Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport


Mr. Consultant / Mahmoud Magdy Abo elnaas

Former Vice President of The State Counsel 


  • Mr. Effat IShak Abdel Masih

  • General Manager of the Central Department for Money Management and Correspondents- Banque Misr

  • Mr.Amr Abbas Radwan

  • General Manager-Department of Capital Contributions-National Bank for Development

  • Mr. Yehia Abou El-Fettouh Ibrahim Mohamed

  • Corporate Credit Risk , Debt Recovery & Restructuring Groups Head

  • – National Bank Of Egypt

  • Accountant / Fouad Elsayed Ibrahim Almola

  • Chairman and Managing Director- Canal Company for Shipping Agencies

  • Rear Admiral / Ahmad Mahmoud Mohamed Mansour Elaraby

  • Chairman and Managing Director- Port Said Company for Container and Cargo Handling

  • Dr. Hamouda Teleb Hamouda

  • Chairman and Managing Director- Egyptian Company for Maritime Transport (MARTRANS)

  • Dr. Yousry Mohamed Anwar Welaia

  • St. Professor, Department of Marine Engineering and Ship Building- Faculty of Engineering- Alexandria University




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