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  • -  A Brief Report on the Most Important Indicators of the Egyptian Economy – December 2012.

  • -  Prospects for the Global Economy- December 2012.

  • -  Report on Trade Movement of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation – November 2012.

  • -  Forecast of the Global Maritime Market for Dry Bulk Vessels-October 2012.

  • -  A Brief Report on the Global Wheat Market Updates and its Expectations for Crop Season 2012/2013 -October 2012.

  • -  A Study on the Maritime Market-Opportunities and Challenges-September 2012.

  • -  A Brief Titled “The Global Maritime Market-The Last Victim of Global Recession”, August-2012.

  • -   Report on the Main Contents of the UNCTAD Report on Maritime Transport for 2011, issued in 2012.

  • -  Report on the World’s Longest Undersea Tunnels According to their Lengths, Types, and Location.

  • -  A Year and a Half on the Egyptian Revolution "The Second Republic"-July 2012.

  • -   Report on the Expectations and Trends of the Global Maritime Market During the Coming Period (Cycles of Recession and Prosperity)-July 2012.

  • -   Report Titled "A Year on the Egyptian Revolution ...The Egyptian Economy Entering a Phase of Fluctuations" - February 2012.

  • -  Report on the Classification of the Logistic Services in Egypt According to the Trade Logistics Report on the Global Economy Issued by the World Bank in 2012.

  • - The Eastern Arctic Route and its impact on the international maritime traffic and the future of the Suez Canal - November 2011

  • - Report on the repercussions of the global economic scene on the shipping industry - October 2011

  • - An analytical study on supply vessels market globally and locally - October 2011.

  • - Downgrading the credit rating of the United States and its impact on the global economy, the movement of trade and shipping market - September, 2011

  • - Consequences of the Japanese disaster on the global maritime market - version March 2011 and a follow-up report June 2011

  • - The economic impact of the Middle East unrest on the maritime market -March 2011 first issue-second issue

  • - Summary for Business Monitor International entitled ‘life after Moubarak: now comes the hard part’ (First issue – Second Issue) 2011

  • - Development of the world wheat market and its impact on the global maritime market, three versions were released on a monthly basis to follow-up the crisis ", August, September-December 2010."

  • - Irish credit crisis and its implications on the global economy and maritime transport – December 2010.

  • - Flow of trade among the main ports of Egypt, Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Suez, Safaga, Daba), October 2010 

  • - The Greek credit crisis. ... Dimensions and repercussions-June 2010 

  • - Classification of logistics services in Egypt according to the report on trade logistics in the global economy issued by the World Bank - 2010 

  • - Movement of cargo transported by sea and its development indicators - October 2009 

  • - Somali piracy ... Dimensions and repercussions on maritime transport -December 2008 

  • - The global financial crisis ... Dimensions and repercussions on the tanker market -December 2008 

  • - The global financial crisis ... Dimensions and implications on the Egyptian economy and the global maritime market (dry bulk and containers) and its impact on the activity of the company-November 2008.







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