About Us

Who we are?

National Navigation Company was established in 1981 to implement the strategy adopted by the Egyptian government aimed at developing the Egyptian commercial fleet by giving the opportunity to companies and individuals to own commercial vessels without a maximum payload. 

National Navigation Company is considered the largest shipping Egyptian company specialized in shipping dry cargo among the world’s largest ports. It is also responsible of conducting regular liner lines for vessels owned or chartered for shipping general cargo among ports in Northern and Western Europe, the Adriatic, the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.


The ability to meet the requirements of the company’s partners and customers with high  efficiency and quality according to a fixed and accurate schedule through developing and enhancing the capacity of the company’s fleet in terms of quality and tonnage to cope with the requirements of the Egyptian and international trade. In addition, the expansion of the company’s current activities and engaging in new ones will offer the company a diversified basket of different activities which will in turn reduce the risk of market fluctuations to achieve an effective participation in the global maritime market and to strengthen the capacity of the Egyptian national fleet in accordance with the international standards of safety and the environment.  


- Securing the transfer of Egypt's imports of strategic goods.

- Contributing in the movement of international trade among global ports.

- Providing integrated shipping services with high efficiency that to meet the requirements of our customers and partners and achieving sustained growth rates of shareholders, for the sake of secure and efficient operations of the fleet in line with the requirements of safety and the environment.

- Supporting the maritime transport market with specialized human cadres to achieve the maritime transport system at all levels.


National Navigation Company was established as an Egyptian free-zone company in 1981 by law 43/1974 and its amendments with a paid capital of 50 million USD (100% Egyptian Capital), 

In 1985, the company bought 6 vessels with a total tonnage capacity of 244,000 tons divided into 2 vessels (of 32,000 tons deadweight each) and 4 vessels (of 45,000 tons deadweight each) with a total investment cost of 132 million dollars self financed from its retained earnings/operating surpluses. 

During the period from 1993 till 2000 the company adopted a replacement and renewal policy of its fleet by selling 4 dry bulk vessels which were old aged, each was 45,000 tons and bought  4 new dry bulk  vessels each was 70,000 tons, besides a container ship with a capacity of 3000 teu (first container ship to join the Egyptian fleet), in addition to a ferry vessel with a capacity of 1000 passenger resulting in a total tonnage capacity of 321,000 tons with an overall investment cost of $ 240 million, self- financed through retained earnings/ operating surpluses.

In 2003 and according to the government’s policy in managing investment portfolios for holding companies, Egyptian Company for Maritime Transport was merged to National Navigation Co.  resulting in a capital surplus of 150 million dollars and an increase in the company’s fleet with 2 dry cargo vessels (of 70,000 tons deadweight each) and a ferry vessel  of a total capacity of 1000 passenger besides 2 general cargo vessels (of 12,000 tons deadweight each) resulting in a total  company's fleet of 13 ships with a total  tonnage of 553, 000 tons.

In 2005, National Navigation Co. has acquired 90% of Egyptian Navigation Company and 70% of Egyptian Shipping Transport (MARTRANS). Therefore the capital of National Navigation Co. has risen to be 180 million USD. 

In 2009, National Navigation Co. continued its expansion strategy by engaging in new activities to overcome market fluctuations and its risks like  shipping imported crude and coastal petroleum , so the company took the initiative to establish the National Company for Shipping Petroleum with a capital of 50 million dollars as the first Egyptian company specialized in petroleum transportation and its products as well as  gas whether  domestically or  internationally and NNC contributes by 25% of its capital. Currently and as a continuity of the company's policy in the framework of its strategy to enhance, support and develop its fleet , NNC signed  a 6-dry bulk vessels shipbuilding contract that is considered the biggest  in the Egyptian maritime history.  Those new generation vessels with payloads that coincide with the international trade requirements and the latest technological developments in shipbuilding have a total tonnage capacity of 440,000 tons at an investment cost of $ 445 million. This is considered a new addition supporting the national commercial fleet whose vessels did not have this tonnage capacity before.  On receiving those new vessels the company’s total fleet capacity reached almost 1 million tons with a total of 18 vessels making the company eligible to rank the 47th worldwide among the top 1500 global giant shipping companies in the field of dry bulk with a total investment of 1 billion and one hundred million dollars. Moreover, the total tonnage capacity of the company’s dry bulk fleet is considered the biggest held by one company among all other companies working in the dry bulk field in the Middle East.