Market Reports & Studies

 Daily Shipping Report (available only in Arabic)

The daily shipping report keeps you updated with the latest world shipping and economic news. Through this report, you can find a daily update for following: 

  • Baltic Exchange indices (BDI – BCI – BPI, …etc)
  • Average hire rate for bulk carriers, tankers and containers.
  • Values of Panamax Freight Future Agreements – FFA's for six different delivery dates (current month – next month – coming four quarters).
  • Current position for NNC fleet.
  • Three types of bunker prices in three different spots (Singapore – Rotterdam – Gibraltar). 
  • Prices for selected strategic commodities (Wheat - Oil)
  • Egyptian, Arabian and international stock market's indices.


Shipping Market Weekly Report (available only in Arabic)

The Shipping weekly report is published on Mondays and contains weekly article to review the most important maritime issues,  in addition to the parameters and highlights for the demolition prices and Sale/Purchase market.

Weekly Bunker Review (available only in English)

The weekly bunker review is published on Mondays and contains the parameters of fuel prices, and is intended to provide information regarding the three primary used fuels in marine fuel bunkering tasks. The prices presented in the review reflect the most strategic areas and hot spots that act as a guideline for the fuel prices all over the world. 

Monthly World Fleet Development Report (available only in Arabic) 

The monthly world Fleet development report tracks –monthly- the changes that occur to the aggregate supply side for both bulk and container shipping markets. The report provides a time series quantitative analysis starting from the last year and ends last month. The report also highlights the additions and subtractions of deadweights ( and number of ships) that occur each month with contrast to the last year.


Reports Archive

Here you can download the latest reports and studies